About GenieTM Software

You have now at your disposal a unique tool which guides you in your share investments objectively, based on sound fundamental techniques irrespective of the market rumors, sentiments and behaviour.

Over the years you would appreciate the application focuses on medium and long term investment recommendation. It is however not a tool for speculation or short term gains.

Equity Stock Markets have given superior returns over the long run as compared to any other form of investment in India and the world over in the last several decades.

Investment in Stock Markets is an ideal route to build up wealth, beat the inflation and attain financial freedom.

Retail investors nevertheless have not been able to participate in the benefits of equity markets on a large scale due to a variety of reasons.

The most notable among them is the hugeness of the number of companies whose shares are traded in the stock market and the complexity of information to be sifted, analysed and conclusions drawn.

Coupled with this, lack of consistent quality investment recommendation in the market at an affordable cost, adds to the woes of the retail investor.

In addition, stock market volatilities and frenzy at sporadic intervals have driven away an average investor from the equity markets.

Many a time equity investment recommendation is based on rumors, gut-feel and market sentiments.

Buy / Sell / Hold recommendations based on fundamental analysis i.e. thorough review of industry performance, company performance and growth prospects and other business and financial information are used by professional fund managers.

Investment recommendation provided by experts in banks, fund houses and financial institutions are available to only the high net worth individuals at a significantly high cost.

The application helps to build a portfolio of investments, diversify risks and optimize portfolio returns using:

The Economy, Industry and Company model of fundamental analysis with an objective and proprietary algorithm. The algorithm is developed by stock market experts who have rich experience in large mutual fund companies.

A word of reassurance for you

All your investment and personal data will reside in your computer and not exported out of your computer by us. The security of your data is enhanced with a password protection which we would request you to use studiously and diligently.

Now we take pleasure in welcoming you to the wonderland of equity investments.

Why Invest in Equity?

    • When inflation rate is high, real return from fixed income securities could be negative.

    • Equity has given better returns than other asset classes in the long run.

    • Returns from NIFTY 50 index 18% p.a. in the last 10 years

    • Helps diversify investments and provides a hedge against inflation

    • Investment in Equity has higher risk . A well developed portfolio of stocks optimizes the risk and return.

Features of Genie

  • Genie tracks about 3000 companies actively traded in National Stock exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

  • Data updated daily to facilitate decision making

  • Offers two risk categories - 'Medium' and 'High' Risk. This can be configured by the user

  • Gives analysis for any company of user's choice

  • Available as a software as a service model (SaaS) on a central server

  • Annual subscription charges

Genie's Model Portfolios

  • Users can  generate portfolios on any date of their choice (from 2004 to 2009) and view their upto date performance .


Performance summary - Genie's model portfolios as on 2nd September 2011

Portfolio Type

Medium Risk

High Risk

Number of Portfolios developed for testing performance



Weighted Average return from SENSEX (Per annum)



Weighted Average return from Genie (Per annum)



% of Genie's portfolios outperforming SENSEX



  • Model portfolios developed during market highs have given better protection to the investments. For example a portfolio under medium risk developed by Genie as on 30.09.2007 has given a return of 7.4% p.a. as compared to -0.7% p.a. by BSE SENSEX. (Upto 02.09.2011).

Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee similar performance in future. There is no guarantee that specific targeted returns can be achieved using Genie or any assurance that the investment amount will be protected. Investment in equity shares carry market and business risks.

Risk Profile Information

Examples of Medium Risk and High Risk investments in Equity shares

High Risk



Risk Profile Information

Examples of Medium Risk and High Risk Investments in Equity shares

Medium Risk charts:




High Risk Charts:



Risk Profile Information


The terms medium risk and high risk are relative terms. The returns that could be obtained and the risk associated with obtaining such returns are not range bound when we try to delineate Medium and High risk categories.

The Charts together with the following derivations would help in understanding what do the two types of risk categories mean.


Risk Classification

Return Profile in the Long Run

Risk Characteristic


Medium to High returns

Medium Volatility


Higher returns

Higher Volatility


Summary of Return and Risk Profiles in Examples shown in Charts

Risk Classification

Average Return Over 16 / 11 Years

Volatility of Year on Year Returns



High - 81%
Low - Negative 48%



High - 363%
Low - Negative 73%

Hence essentially one's ability to accept variations in returns and even falls, making the market values of investments lower than the cost of investments resulting in erosion of the principal needs to be assessed before deciding what should be your risk profile.

A choice of the risk profile made by you now can be changed any time later by using the option available under the setup in the main menu.

However we would like you to understand that risk profile changes would be applicable to prospective portfolio selections and investment recommendation. The investments already made would have been under the risk profile before such change and it would take a period of 3 to 6 months for GenieTM to try and change the risk profile of such earlier investments to suit your changed risk profile based on the market conditions. This fine tuning may involve buying of new scrips or selling some of the existing scrips during this period of fine tuning.