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Introducing: the World Wide Web

With our Filemaker-to-Web solution, you can offer controlled public access to your data, while it remains connected to your secure internal database. Likewise, you can allow authorized users to access and manage your data anywhere in the world via the Internet. You get the administrative power of FileMaker with the worldwide accessibility of the Web.

Extend an existing system or build it fresh

Whether you have a FileMaker system that already serves a central purpose in your organization, or are interested in building a FileMaker-to-Web solution from the ground up, Naethra can leverage the power of both platforms.

Many hybrid options

Due to the flexibility and power of combining FileMaker and Web publishing systems, Naethra can build a hybrid FileMaker-to-Web infrastructure in a variety of configurations.


– Publish your FileMaker data to the web.

interactive publishing

– A dynamic Web site that interacts with your FileMaker solution.

The FileMaker Web Viewer

– Bring web pages and data into your FileMaker Pro or Go solution

Web services

– Make your FileMaker system communicate with thousands of available web services APIs.

Web application

– A full web application driven directly by your FileMaker database.

Mobile web

– An HTML5-based application, optimized for mobile device users Naethra also has solutions for clients looking to transition from an existing FileMaker system to an all web solution.

The latest technologies

Thanks to our work with HTML5, CSS3, web services APIs, PHPSQL, iOS, Javascript, and other modern technologies, Naethra can now connect FileMaker to the Web in ways that were difficult (if not impossible) just a few years ago. Naethra is uniquely qualified to maximize your FileMaker investment and craft a FMP-to-Web approach that helps you thrive and grow.

He right choice, made wisely

Does this sound like what you need? We always build our solutions and infrastructure recommendations on the unique needs of our clients.