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FileMaker Development

We have over 100 person years experience in FileMaker skills. Our developers are certified FM developers and regularly contribute at various FileMaker fora.

Our company is built around creating relevant, unique solutions for our clients when commercial software or other solutions prove inadequate. We follow a refined process to ensure we fully understand and define the database you envision and then work to deliver the best possible custom databases we can.

With FileMaker we can build rich interfaces, reporting modules, robust data analytics, and a wide array of process tools that can make a huge difference for almost any business in the world.

The most important work we do is custom database development for our clients. We offer the following Database Design/Development services:

  • Custom Database Design & Development  

          Desktop Client/Server (LAN/WAN), Web & Mobile deployment using FileMaker Pro®, FileMaker Go, MySQL®, PostgreSQL,MS SQL.

  •  Database Support Services

           Fixes, Tweaks, Repairs or Enhancements to your current database solution(s).

  • Database Conversion & Database Migration    

          To/From FileMaker Pro, Access, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and Excel.