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We are full of people who are experts in the FileMaker® field, from A-Z. We can assist you with the design, development, implementation, and support of customized FileMaker® solutions. Our solutions typically coordinate with internal and external websites by connecting to FileMaker®.

we have more than 12 years of market experience and industry know-how. We are also a proud member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA). We are an FBA partner and you can find us on the official website under ‘India’. FMDBSolutions is one of only four (4) FileMaker Business Alliance members in India.

We offer a rich variety and blend of many different FileMaker® solutions. Our services for FileMaker® comprise :

Our FileMaker Services
  1. FileMaker Pro Custom development
  2. FileMaker Go Development
  3. WebDirect
  4. Cloud
  5. Integration
  6. Consulting
  7. Support & Maintenance
  8. Migration & Conversion

We have worked with and continues to work with organizations in small and large companies, private and public, education, government, and non-profits. We have served clients all over the world. You can browse our diverse FileMaker Portfolio and see for yourself, and here are some more details.

Sectors – Finance, Construction, Media & Broadcasting, Fashion, Technology, Design, Construction, Travel, Retail, Art, Manufacturing, Legal, Education, Recreation, Health, Environment, Medicine, and other services.

Locations – The United States of America, Switzerland, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil, Thailand, and India. Cities include Massachusetts, Sydney, Washington, New Orleans, London, New York, Bangkok, Arizona, New South Wales, Geneva, Utah, Middlesbrough, and Los Angeles.

Over 100 clients have chosen to do business with us on their FileMaker projects, and we have delivered every single time.

“These guys are FileMaker experts. They really know their stuff.” ~ Shazad Din, Boro Blinds (England)

FileMaker database data can be integrated and synchronized code-less with various other data sources via the ODBC Data Provider. We can also perform a complete migration and conversion to FileMaker from another database and have done so for other companies in the past.