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Naethra Technologies - One of the leading Flutter App Development Companies

Naethra Technologies is a Web/Mobile App development company that has recently started offering Fluter developments services to its clients Worldwide. Founded in 2006, it offers services like:

• Custom Flutter UI/UX Design: Designing custom user interfaces and experiences according to the application requirements.
• Flutter Cross-Platform App Development: Developing apps that can be deployed to both Android and iOS app stores.
• Backend Development: Developing the Flutter backend architecture and components of the application.
• Quality Assurance: Testing the Flutter application to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance.
• App Maintenance: Providing ongoing maintenance and support for the application.

Naethra Technologies’ Flutter Mobile App Development Services are designed to fit your needs and help you build stunning apps. Leverage our native app development and mobile application development expertise to create apps with captivating designs. Our development team brings your business dreams to fruition. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation for your next Flutter project.

Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development Services

At Naethra Technologies, we provide complete confidentiality for your source code, making sure that your project is secure. We are committed to providing the best quality and reliable services so you can be sure that your project is in safe hands.

Flutter App Migration

Migration is the process of transferring an existing app to the Flutter platform. To ensure that the app migration is successful, we work closely with our clients to understand their existing app, analyze the codebase, and identify areas for optimization. We will ensure successful, cost-effective app migration, preserving the existing app’s look, feel, and functionality while optimizing for the Flutter platform.

Flutter App Upgradation

Upgradation is the process to ensure your app is kept up-to-date with the latest version. We provide turnkey solutions from analyzing your existing codebase, upgrading it to the latest version to testing, optimizing and providing ongoing technical support. Our experienced Flutter app developers will ensure your app runs smoothly and at optimum performance levels.

Support And Maintenance

Naethra Technologies understands the need for ongoing support and maintenance to ensure continuity in the engagement. Our expert team provide bug fixing, security patches, and feature updates, including new libraries, tools and APIs tailored to your specific needs.

Are you looking for Fluter app development?
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us.

Are you looking for Flutter app development?

For a free 30-minute consultation with us.

    Hire Flutter App Developers to unlock the Potential of Flutter App

    We can provide you with mobile app development using Flutter that will be designed to meet your business’s specific requirements and that will be highly scalable. Our experienced developers are well-versed in developing applications that can grow and expand your business over time.  Our solutions will be tailored to your specific needs, allowing for a seamless

     user experience.

    Flutter Native Third-Party SDK-UI integration

    Dart UI + Flutter Native SDK -Flutter Communicate With Platform Native Code

    Platform-specific code with Flutter

    Third-party Flutter theme integration

    GPS Integration

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Features of Flutter App

    Persuasive Reasons to Choose Flutter Cross-Platform App Development

    Flutter app development is quickly transforming the world of native applications! Here’s why Flutter App is so trendy!

    User-Friendly Widgets

    Flutter provides a comprehensive set of development tools that allow app makers to create stunning functional experiences for their users across platforms. By embracing platform-specific nuances such as navigation flows, icons, scrolling styles and fonts Flutter ensures high performance across devices.

    Efficient Code Building

    Flutter revolutionizes the way we create mobile apps. With a single codebase, developers can craft efficient and effective applications compatible with both iOS and Android platforms – significantly reducing development time.

    Fast, High-Performance apps

    Flutter apps bring reliability, efficiency, and speed together. With no hanging or cutting during scrolling experienced by the user – for both iOS and Android users – Flutter offers smooth performance and accelerates development time to get your app into the market faster than ever!

    Support for Older Devices

    By leveraging Flutter, app developers can rest assured that their applications will look and perform consistently across multiple platforms — regardless of whether iOS or Android is running an old version. So they don’t have to invest extra time into developing legacy systems.

    Cost Effective

    The Flutter app eliminates the need for separate codes for different platforms, and its hot reload feature allows developers to make changes in real time without restarting the app.

    Quick Analysis and Testing

    As the Flutter app can be used on multiple platforms, testing becomes faster and more efficient. Flutter app streamlines the quality assurance (QA) process and helps ensure the app is bug-free. It ensures the app is released on time and within budget.

    Why Naethra Technologies for your Flutter app Development?

    Naethra Technologies is one of the top Flutter app development companies in India with expertise in developing Web and Mobile applications. We also offer various features such as API integrations and cross-platform compatibility.


    From one-time engagements to long-term projects, we offer tailored solutions with hourly or fixed-rate hiring options.

    100% Transparency

    Our team strives to maintain an open and honest rapport with our clients. 

    Experienced Developers

    Our expert developers team can meet any challenge your business faces with ease. Their experience in various industries gives them a uniquely multifaceted approach to problem-solving.

    Timely Delivery

    We consistently exceed our customer expectations and deliver projects on time. With cutting-edge tools and practices, we ensure best results.

    Technical Support

    Our tech experts are on standby to answer any of your queries and provide you with reliable solutions.

    Let's Discuss About Your Project

      Proud To Have Picked These Up Along The Way

      Comprehensive Flutter App Development Services for Businesses of All Sizes

      Naethra Technologies Global Flutter App Development Services provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to build high-performance, custom mobile applications for Android and iOS. Our experienced mobile app developers leverage the power of the Flutter SDK to create custom applications with a great user experience. We offer a wide range of services from designing the app layout to integrating it with the backend. Our solutions are tailored to your business needs and help you create unique, engaging, and secure mobile applications. We also provide support and maintenance services to ensure your app stays up to date with the latest market trends.

      Naethra_App development process

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Naethra Technologies focuses mainly on Flutter app migration, Flutter app upgradation and support and maintenance. Additionally, we may also offer to consult services to help businesses decide if Flutter is the right platform for their mobile app.

      The cost of hiring a Flutter App Development Company in India varies based on the complexity of the project and the size of the development team. To know more, schedule a 30-minute free meeting with Naethra Technologies.

      Naethra Technologies provide these integration services to our client:

      • Native Third-Party SDK-UI integration
      • Dart UI + Flutter Native SDK -Flutter Communicate with Platform Native Code
      • Platform-specific code with Flutter
      • Third-party flutter theme integration
      • GPS Integration
      • Payment Gateway Integration

      Sure. You can use Flutter to add new modules to your existing native Android and iOS apps. Naethra Technologies can help you out by conducting a feasibility study of your existing app and related components. Contact us to know more.

      At Naethra Technologies, we understand that each project comes with its own unique requirements. To ensure a high-quality end result is delivered on time, our team follows an exacting process tailored to meet your individual needs.

      What Naethra’s Clients say

      "I have been working with Naethra Technologies for the past two years and the results have been outstanding. Their team is highly experienced and professional and they have been able to create an amazing Flutter mobile app for my business. Highly recommend them."

      Priya Srinivasan

      United States
      "I was looking for Flutter cross-platform app development for business with good quality and cost-effectiveness. Naethra Technologies have exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I would love to work with them again."

      Mark Smith

      "Naethra Technologies is the best place to hire dedicated Flutter app developers in India. I admire them for the way of their work, and the on-time delivery of a well-built Flutter app for your business. They are extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. Their extended support paved me to continue my work with them.”
      Gokul Krishnan

      Mumbai, India

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      Naethra Technologies is a top Flutter app development company based in Chennai, India with dedicated Flutter app developers.

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