Develop theme as you wish

No CMS is perfect for everyone. Despite its multiple strengths, WordPress development comes with a few caveats WordPress have a unique features which customer not to depend developer after the website development completion. It is also faster to Implement. If it’s speed you require, then a pre-built theme might be the solution for you. Now a days every customer running different business with different expectation. Even though they have lot of readymade theme available in the market. But if customer want to implement their ideas with minimum development cost. So they approach team with the design files.

WordPress themes are a great tool for establishing an online presence and making your website stand out in the best way possible. Even if you’re not a design expert and you’ve never once in your life done any coding, WordPress themes allow you to quickly set up a website and customize it just the way you like.

Develop theme as you wish

WordPress Themes typically consist of three main types of files, in addition to images and JavaScript files.

  • The stylesheet called style.css, which controls the presentation (visual design and layout) of the website pages.
  • WordPress template files which control the way the site pages generate the information from your WordPress database to be displayed on the site.
  • The optional functions file (functions.php) as part of the WordPress Theme files.
Typical template files include:
  • comments.php
  • comments-popup.php
  • footer.php
  • header.php
  • sidebar.php

Child Themes

Develop theme as you wish

The simplest Theme possible is a child theme which includes only a style.css file, plus any images. This is possible because it is a child of another theme which acts as its parent. Make your modifications portable and replicable.

  • Keep customization separate from parent theme functions.
  • Allow parent themes to be updated without destroying your modifications.
  • Allow you to take advantage of the effort and testing put into the parent theme.
  • Save on development time since you are not recreating the wheel.
Pros and cons of custom theme
Building on custom WordPress  theme eliminates the dependency of third party developers. We don’t bother about the updates and security patches if they release frequently. WordPress Custom Theme Will Precisely Align With Your Company’s Goals, Vision, and Content.

A Custom WordPress Theme Will Differentiate You from Others in Your Niche. A WordPress Custom Theme Will Give You More Security. A Custom WordPress Theme Is Always SEO-Friendly.
  • Expensive – As you might expect, these custom designs do not come cheap….
  • Take longer – Custom designs take a much longer time to build….
  • Limited support – While you’ll have greater access to support while building your website, you’ll need to most likely pay extra for continued support.

If you want to create a user-friendly and interactive website, WordPress is right for you. It can help your business climb to the top of the search ranking. At the same time, the system does have a few complexities that your website admins must be aware of.

Nowadays custom WordPress web development is really the only way to go for maximum control, flexibility, and professionalism. WordPress is a tried and tested CMS that countless businesses have used to thrive–but without a custom theme, it just won’t look professional or unique.

It’s really up to you and what you are most interested in. If you want to make a simple, but beautiful-looking blog theme, go dive into styling. You already have a solid base. If you are more interested in backend code and how to make a solid code structure, go deeper into PHP and how you can implement OOP (object-oriented programming) in your theme