Moisture Meter Integration with FileMaker Database using Python Code


The primary aim of this project is to seamlessly integrate a moisture meter with a FileMaker database utilizing Python code, facilitating the publication of moisture data on a designated client portal website.

Process Overview:

1. Data Acquisition: The moisture meter will generate data which will be stored in a log file within the specified file path on the local machine.

2. Data Processing: A Python script, leveraging the pandas library, will be deployed to extract and process the moisture data, removing any duplicates, and ensuring data integrity. The processed data will then be saved in the designated file path.

3. Data Transmission: Upon processing, the data will be formatted into JSON and transmitted to a predefined PHP URL for further integration into the FileMaker Database. This transmission will be facilitated through Python code, ensuring seamless communication between the data processing and integration stages.

4. Data Integration: PHP scripts will parse the received JSON data and seamlessly integrate it into the FileMaker Database hosted on a Mac OS Server.

5. Data Presentation: The moisture data, now stored in the FileMaker Database, will be readily accessible and displayed on the designated Client Portal Website.


6. Automated Updates: The entire data processing and integration workflow will be scheduled to run at 10-minute intervals, ensuring continuous updates of moisture data in both the FileMaker database and the client portal website.


Technical Approach:

  • Utilization of Python and the pandas library for robust data extraction and processing.
  • Conversion of processed data into JSON format for seamless transmission.
  • Implementation of Python code for transmitting JSON data to a predefined PHP URL.
  • Deployment of PHP scripts for efficient parsing and integration of data into the FileMaker Database.
  • Deployment of FileMaker Database on a Mac OS Server for optimal data management.
  • Development of an intuitive Client Portal Website for convenient access to moisture data.

Risks and Challenges:

  • Compatibility issues between different systems and platforms.
  • Data accuracy and reliability assurance.
  • Timely execution of scheduled tasks.

Resources Needed:

  • Expertise in Python, pandas, and PHP development.
  • Database administration skills.
  • Web development capabilities.


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