Orthofix contract management system

Client: Orthofix, US

Timeline (Duration): From Oct 10 to Nov 10

Overview: Orthofix has a need to track contract with doctors and other health care professionals. There are several types of agreements that can be tracked in this application. This application allows the creation and tracking of these contracts as well as workflow based approvals.

There will be 2 menu options that will get users to this initial form

  • Create Needs Assessment
  • Create Contract

Plugins and Special features: Interface with SharePoint for document storage

Team Size: 1TL + 1TM + 1Tester

Environment: Windows XP

Development Platform:

  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Framework 3.5
  • Oracle 11g

Deployment Platform: Windows 2008 Server

# of Users: More than 100 users

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