Create And Update An Event In Google Calendar From FileMaker Using API

Justification of Topic:

How to create and update an event in the Google Calendar using FileMaker API. It will work above FileMaker version 16.

First, we need to integrate the FileMaker and Google calendar for creating an event in the Google Calendar. After that we can able to create and update the event in Google Calendar from the FileMaker using Google Calendar API. This can be achieved by the following steps.

Integration of FileMaker and Google Calendar:
Step 1:

  • Go to the Google Developer Console ( and create a project.
  • Navigate to the Google APIs and go to Calendar API then click “Enable API”.
  • Click the “Go to credentials”. Set it to call from a “Web Browser (JavaScript)” and you will be accessing “User data”. Then click “What credentials do i need?”
  • Set a Name for the Client ID and set the Authorized redirect URI to “”, it is important that the redirect URI matches exactly. Then click “Create client ID”.
  • Give your product a name and any other options. This is what end user will see when authorizing your solution to manipulate their calendar. Click “Continue”.
  • Click “Done” then click on the Client Name you just created.
  • Enter the provided Client ID and client Secret Id in the FileMaker Database.

Step 2:

    After the Integration process is complete, In order to create an event in the Google Calendar we need to mention the Date, Time, Color, Title, Location, Guests for the event in the FileMaker database as given below.

Step 3:

    After the Event information entered, we need to run the script to create event. In the script step, we need to mention those Date, Time, Color, Title, Location, Guests fields in the “Let” function under the JSONSetElement () function in a variable of the script to create an event.
    After that using “Insert from URL” script step will pass the Event information values to the Google calendar to create an event.

Step 4:

    After creating the event, we can view the event in the Google Calendar.
    If we need to update the event then we can modify the Date, Time, Color, Title, Location, Guests and update the event using the Event id.
    If we implement the above mentioned steps, then we can create and update an Event in Google Calendar from FileMaker using API.


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