A web based document management system

Scope of Work: Maintenance and Enhancements

Team Size: 1 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester

Technology: Java/J2ee

Framework: Struts

Deployment: Apache Tomcat Server

Project Duration: 1 year

Customer: An USA based Company

docNymbus is web based document management system developed by iNymbus

All customer documents will be consolidated and stored in a cloud portal

Key Features

Load all the files independently in Alfresco ECM and update the Metadata information

in the Postgresql DB

Consolidation of all independent documents

Customer supplied documents

  • Order documents
  • User / Human generated electronic documents
  • Billing documents
  • Approval documents
Partner supplied documents
Claim document / Deduction document/812 document
Proof of delivery (POD)

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