Academy app

Academy app

Client: United States

Timeline (Duration) – From Oct-20 – Till date

Overview: Hybrid app development for an Academy in the USA. It is a PWA development for both iOS and Android Devices.

We have developed Hybrid the app by using Angular core with Ionic Framework, ionic native and Cordova-lib. This is an Online app which we have developed API using Nodejs. App is mainly used for the users who are willing to learn their academy courses through Audios, Videos and Webinars. We have used Firebase service for push notification. Application has song evaluation form and one on one session scheduling option.

Plugins and Special features:

Team Size: 3 TL + 1 TM + 1 Tester

Development Platform: Angular core – 11.0.9, ionic-native – 5.32.1, Cordova-lib – 10.0.0, Cordova-android – 9.1.0

Deployment Platform: App Store for iOS App and Play Store for Android App

# of Users : 100 users

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