Barge draft surveys

Barge draft surveys

Timeline (Duration) – From May2018 – Feb2019

Client: A leading marine surveyor company based in US

Overview: The company provides the facility to manage marine surveying, engineering, consulting services, vessel survey and shipyard services.

This application is mainly used to manage Barge survey information. The following are the modules Implemented in this project

Cases: It helps to manage the Vessel information including their related barge.

Surveys: It helps to manage the Barge survey information. Following information of the barge is captured in the survey details

  • Loaded
  • Light
Once the survey is completed, surveyor submits the survey to the manager of the survey. Manager verifies the survey and Approves/Rejects the same.

Customers: It helps to manage the customer information including their related vessel details.

Plugins and Special features:

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester

Development Platform: PHP 5.6 & FileMaker16

Deployment Platform: FMP Hosting Server

# of Users : 40 users

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