Vessel survey client portal

Vessel survey client portal

Timeline (Duration) – From Jan2018 – Feb2019

Client: A leading marine surveyor company based in the US.

Overview: The company provides the facility to manage marine surveying, engineering, consulting services, vessel survey and shipyard services.

This Application is mainly used to manage Vessel information, Client, Contacts & Survey.

Client: It helps to manage Client information including their related contacts, Vessels, Notes, and Surveys.

Vessel: Manages the Vessel information, including their related Contacts, Notes, Surveys and Open Deficiencies (i.e. All the Survey Line items which have the “Un Satisfaction” and “Open” status )

Contacts: Manages the Contact information of a client, including their related Vessels and notes.

Survey: Manages various types of surveys. Users can download the survey document as PDF & Excel.

Plugins and Special features:

Team Size: 1 TL + 2 TM + 1 Tester

Development Platform: PHP 5.6 & FileMaker16

Deployment Platform: FMP Hosting Server

# of Users : 30 users

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