Emv payment app

Emv payment app

Customer: US based client

Duration: Feb 2020 to till date

This chocolate chip iOS app has developed by using the source code downloaded from GitHub developed by authorize net.

  • Login into app user must know their Authorize.net merchant gateway username and password
  • Also required BBPOS Chipper 2X BT Reader device to process payment from card
  • After login, the user needs to enter invoice amount and invoice number to proceed payment. Users should choose payment mode from the app screen. They can select either insert card or swipe a card.
  • Once a user clicks on a card link or Swipe a Card, the user has to click on the Pay button and choose to insert a card option.
  • Chocolate chip app prompts users to insert the chip card to do payment. Insert card inside the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT Reader
  • Device read the inserted card and deduct the payment by sending the successful payment transaction approved id.

Team Size: 1 Team Leader + 1 Developer + 1 Tester

Platform: iOS(Swift)

Deployment: iPad

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