Day to day there is a variety of open source platforms existing so as to you be able to build web pages without much expense. CodeIgniter is one the best among all the PHP frameworks for B2B business purposes.

Codeigniter’s brilliance is diverse from a lot of sites in Internet businesses, comfortable action, and full level web development. It has great features that are a great help to you. CodeIgniter is not only famous for developers, but it is also popular in many companies because of the quick support and continuous building solution.

CodeIgniter is a people’s framework and is incredibly cool in the details. Fast enough. Its documentation is good, and if you consider Laracasts then CodeIgniter docs are unbeatable. It has a lot of extensions & library sets.

Why CodeIgniter for E-commerce?

At present, online shops share a major part in this preferment world. But with the high need for building an online store, the options offering platforms to build these stores have also raised.

Codeigniter’s Framework is one of the most stable choices for business web development. It is a simple and productive web solution strategy. Codeigniter is one of the best options for business web development.

CodeIgniter features can be practiced by code generated to work efficiently on the business website.

Why the CodeIgniter Framework Is Better Than Other Frameworks:
  • Less Time Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Security And Encryption
  • Less Code & quick Development
  • Outstanding Documentation
  • Community Support
  • Fast Handling Errors
  • Integration with Database
  • Structure and Updates
  • Rich Libraries sets
reasons to choose CodeIgniter
1. Inbuilt Array Features

          CodeIgniter is stuffed with all the features which are required to building a website. Ex: product management system, payment modes, Shipping cart management

2. Less time

          Development time reduces as the time used in first developing and then eliminate the integration of separate systems.

3. SEO Friendly

          CodeIgniter is SEO friendly that will help your website get a higher rank on the search engine.

4. Avoid Traffic Issues

          Heavy traffic is nevermore an issue with CodeIgniter because it is supported by a wealthy system to support the traffic.

5. Integration on Social Media

          Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn come priorly integrated with CodeIgniter.

6. High Security

           CodeIgniter is provided high security with an inbuilt solution for securing data information on the website.

7. Super Fast Data Management

          In CodeIgniter, content management makes easy data management

8. Reasonable for E-commerce Website

          Easy to built and run a successful eCommerce website for a small size enterprise or large business solution.

9. nbuilt Plugins for User Analysis

          The inbuilt plugins for user reporting and analytics help you to easily evaluate your website without any external support.

10. Customization

          CodeIgniter is an adaptable one to make your website a customized one.

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